6 Facts About Free rein

I don’t know about you but I just love Free Rein on Netflix. So I thought I would share some fun facts about the show. If your not familiar with the show which is streamed in over 200 countries then read on. It is mainly aimed at 8-16 year old but is also popular with families. I watched it with all my 3 children and binge watched them when we started them as we could not stop. 

There are 3 current seasons (32 episodes),  plus specials shown at Christmas and Valentines. The show follows a 15 year old girl ,Zoe Phillips from Los Angeles who spends the summer at her mother’s childhood home on an island off the coast of England, where she bonds with a mysterious horse.

Phot credit: YouTube

No 1.  The main horse character is called Raven, a jet black Friesian cross. Originally he was cast as a Chestnut but the team only had white or black horses.

Photo credit: Youtube

No 2. The show is based on a fictional island off the British coast but was filmed in Cheshire and Anglesey.

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No 3. Where else might you recognise some of the main characters from?

  • Zoe Phillips played by Jaylen Barrow has been in Good Luck Charlie and Shameless.

  • Rosie Phillips played by Navia Robinson has been in Being Mary Jane and Raven’s home.

  • Mia played by Celine Buckens was in War Horse.

  • Becky played by Kerry Ingram starred in Game of Thrones

  • Maggie Phillips (Zoe and Rosie’s mother) played by Natalie Gumede is well known for her role in Coronation Street.

Photo Credit: Unknown source

No 4. Main character Zoe (Jaylen Barron) lied about being able to ride to get the part.


No 5. Charlotte Dujardin made a guest appearance in season 1 episode 1.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Dujardin Facebook

No 6. This final one is a lovely end to the Free rein facts. The Gypsy cob called Bob is actually a rescue horse and was found in a field with lots of horses, some who weren’t as lucky as him. He reminds me of my own cheeky cob and I think Bob has to be my favourite.

Photo Credit: Tumblr.

Do you love Free Rein or know any facts I haven’t mentioned? Get in touch if you do as I would love to hear from you!


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