Equi-Theme Saddle pad & Fly Veil Review

Recently I was very lucky to have been gifted a beautiful Equi-Theme saddle pad & fly veil set to review. The items were very kindly sent to us from Matchy Horsey after they contacted me regarding one of their new items. In return, I agreed to write an honest review of the items and include them in one of my posts. So me and Fred have put them to the test. After all who can resist a bit of matchy-matchy!

Equi-theme pad & veil

Some of you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook a few weeks back that I gave a sneak preview of the products, as I waited to try them out. Well, the weather finally picked up and I got to use them for a couple of activities. Is anyone else like me a love a new item but also hate the idea of getting them dirty?

Product information

The Equi-Theme saddle-pad and fly veil are available as a set on the website and the pad is lovely padded with faux sheepskin withered lining. The pad comes in general-purpose shape and both items are available in a cob/full size. The pad and the veil have a gorgeous sparkling binding which is quite eye-catching as it shimmers in the sunlight.

Equi-theme set

First time wearing the set.


The Fly Veil

Having never tried a fly veil before and hearing various reviews on them making horses more/less spooky I was unsure how Fred would be wearing one. He has recently been wearing a flay mask in the field, so he didn’t appear bothered by me putting it over his ears. We have the cob/full size and it fits him perfectly and helped to keep his mane out the way whilst adding his bridle.

Fly Veil

Fly Veil

I used the veil when both out hacking and for schooling and Fred was not put off by it. He wasn’t anymore spooky and probably seemed a little better than usual. I may have to invest in a few more now, any excuse to buy more horse stuff! When cantering in the school it flicked up but again this caused no issues and his bridle did not slip, which I have heard can happen. It did reduce his head shaking from the flies which was nice, especially as they can be bothersome when out hacking.

Equi-theme set

Hacking out

After our hack, nothing had slipped.

The Saddle Pad

The pad itself is very padded with additional padding along the wither and back which gave the effect of having a half pad inserted. Currently, Fred is a little round and I have been having trouble doing up his girth. Having velcro on the pad sides enabled me to have more room to do this, before then doing the straps up over the girth.  The pad comes in general-purpose shape and the cob/full fitted my saddle with no issues.

saddle pad

Saddle Pad

I’ll be honest here and admit that before having this set, I had not heard of the Equi-Theme brand and have to say I am a bit of a Lemieux addict. However, this set has really changed my mind and I would definitely consider getting more, even though the number of saddle pads I own is probably getting a bit much for one horse!

Watching the cows!!




Extended trot across the school.

Looking smart



Little canter

If you would like to purchase one of the Equi-Theme sets reviewed in this post, then do click on the photo below, which will take you to the Matchy Horsey website. I have also purchased a lovely purple half pad from them, for my dressage saddle and will definitely be getting some more fly veils! You can also sign up to their newsletter to receive all their offers and up to date products.

Equi-Theme set

Equi-Theme navy saddle pad and fly veil set

*Please note I am no way affiliated with Matchy Horsey or Equi-Theme and agreed to share the product as part of a blog post*


If you would like me to review a product for your company then please contact me through here.


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