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This month we have a second guest blog kindly written by Jenna from Reveal Equestrian and this time she is sharing her knowledge on dressage riding by providing an introduction to this sport. Jenna is based in California and runs an equestrian centre which teaches a variety of training and lessons.  They are dedicated to teaching students about the fundamentals of equestrian riding and horsemanship.

Introduction to The Sport of Dressage Riding

Many people notice the Olympic level dressage on the televisions. Dressage isn’t a stylish move with lots of impressive names. Further, you may notice the horses seem to have complicated maneuvers because they sit motionless over them. 

Horses will be trained by the trainers with the basic dressage to create balance and responsiveness. So, you will be given the set of required elements and perform a dressage test with music. 

Jenna reveal

Photo Credit: Reveal Equestrian

What is the Aim of Dressage? 

The dressage training aims to develop the horse’s flexibility, balance, and responsiveness to aids. The dressage in San Juan Capistrano ensures that horses will be stronger and more enjoyable to get a ride over them. 

If you complete the training of dressage in San Juan Capistrano, you’ll always be competing yourself along with others in taking the test. The goals are to improve your score. 

Essential Equipment You’ll Need for Dressage 

  • Any horse or pony of any breed would be great for riding at the lower levels
  • An English saddle 
  • An English snaffle bit 
  • Some braiding equipment that is necessary for the horse’s mane
  • Shirt, Gloves, Jackets, Breeches, Helmets, and Boots.

What Can You Expect at a Dressage Test? 

When you’re heading towards riding a dressage test, you will be evaluated at three stages by three judges. In the end, the judge will give you the scores on dressage elements as you ride. Moreover, they will look for suppleness, attitude, accuracy, obedience, and how accurately you ride. 

Besides that, the dressage ring will be marked by the judges at relevant perimeters with specific letters. And before you enter the ring, you will hear the whistle. This will ensure that you have a particular time for entering into the dressage ring. 

You’ll enter into the dressage ring and salute the judges. After that, you’ll ride straight in the circles and lines. For basic levels, you need to take care of test memorization. 

How to Prepare Your Horse for the Dressage Test? 

Make sure to work on the flexibility as well as the responsiveness of your horses. It’s crucial to train your horse slowly. Practice with every element of the dressage without riding the entire test continually. 

The judge always monitors the willingness and obedience of the horse and to your cue as well. Spend some time for trail riding so that your horse gets the chance to develop cardiovascular fitness and stretch muscles. Also, allow time for relaxation and fun too. 

How to Prepare Yourself for Riding Dressage? 

Dressage training is one tedious job to do. So, along with your horse, you also need to dress in comfortable layers according to the weather condition. It will help if you have the accurate placement of the letter memorized before heading the test. 

Moreover, you can quickly make the arena letters out of the up-turned pylons, detergent buckets, scrap wood, and can be written with a waterproof marker. 

Make sure to plan what will work whenever you ride over the horse and also learn to pay attention to the elements every time. It would help if you also concentrated on the rising moment with precision and intention. 

Benefits of Dressage Riding

The basic introduction to the sport of dressage riding is valuable if you want to compete in sports and any other kind of discipline. Trail horses, English western show horses, jumpers, and pleasure horses can also benefit from the dressage training. 

Your horse will become more obedient and athletic, and you also become a better rider when you perform dressage training. Moreover, if you can compete in the dressage training, you can easily find the greater challenge is to improve your score. Dressage in San Juan Capistrano allows the same creativity to get a good score in the dressage test. 

You can also find out more about Reveal Equestrian but following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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