Blogging Tips

Now I have moved my blog to self-hosted and I am learning more about blogging, therefore, I thought it only fair to share with you all some of my blogging tips and recommendations. If this is your first time starting a blog then hopefully these tips will help you along the way! Below are the are products, services, and other things that might help you out along your blogging journey! I’ve used, trust and 100% would recommend these to every blogger, new or experienced! This page may contain affiliate links. Learn more about affiliates by clicking on the disclaimer.


If you are new to blogging then you may prefer to start with WordPress hosted, this is easy to set up and maintain as WordPress do the hard work for you and you can concentrate on your posts. To begin with, this was me as I was new to the whole world of blogging but then as it has grown, so has my desire to increase my options and Self-hosted has allowed me to customise my site more and add useful plugins. So if you are looking to go self-hosted with your blog? I totally recommend using Fasthosts! Fasthosts has an easy to use platform and links into the usual WordPress dashboard, so it takes minimal effort to learn to navigate around. The support team have been very helpful if I have struggled and the transfer over was painless. Fasthosts are currently offering 50% discount on their WordPress hosting starting as little as £3.24 for one site, which offers a number of benefits, such as 10GB of smart SSD storage and 1GB database.


If you’re choosing to go self-hosted with your blog, you’re going to need a domain name. A domain name is the name of your website URL, (for example, this one is Fasthosts offer the option to purchase a domain name directly through their hosting site, as well as offering the option to transfer a current domain free of charge, which I did. Fasthosts are currently offering some domain names free for the first year.


Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog! Tailwind makes using Pinterest so much easier! I have been using the trail option of Tailwind which allows you to schedule pins to go out at various times, that way your content is always being promoted and shown to new potential readers! However, I have now changed to the Plus version allowing me to continue growing You can choose to pay monthly at $14.99/mo and schedule up to 400 pins per month, or annually at $9.99/mo. and schedule unlimited pins!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Tailwind also offers the ability to drive traffic from your Instagram account for free, by the use of which you can add to your description. You can customise your page to include your most important links. Click below to try for free and start driving traffic to your site and more.



I have recently learnt that every website has to have a privacy policy, terms & conditions, and a disclaimer? These legal pages are super important because they protect you and your blog. They’re also required by law, especially if you’re planning to monetize your blog. I have put together my legal pages through Privacy policies who have a whole host of legal pages you can customise to meet your business needs.



Blogging tips



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