10 Reasons to Watch Peaky Blinders If You Love Horses!

As a huge Peaky Blinders fan myself I love this post, I love the increase in horses seen during the new series and watching Thomas Shelby ride his beautiful black horse. I am still a little behind though at present as watching with my husband who works shifts can be problematic, please no spoilers!


In Due Horse

So Peaky Blinders series 5 is back. Hooray! I binge watched all of the other series on Netflix last year & am excited about it’s return. It’s a good show but I love it because there is a lot of horses in it and Cillian Murphy rides through the old fashioned streets of Birmingham on horseback. It’s pretty badass!

Here are 10 reasons that you really should check out Peaky Blinders if you love horses. Move over Poldark Thomas Shelby is back!

1. Tommy Shelby riding through the streets of Birmingham. Bareback! It’s just so cool!

2. Sam Neil’s Irish accent. Not horse related but worth a mention. “It’s none of your concern”. I said that a lot. My Irish friends loved me!

3. Thomas Shelby’s race horses. Tommy owning race horses sees the Shelby Family go to numerous race courses around Britain, including Epsom, Worcester & Kempton. So there…

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Confidence after babies

During June I ran a couple of polls on social media to find out about the confidence of riding after having children and becoming a mother. As parents, we can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do our best and try to be a model parent and this also extends to activities outside of parenting. This can lead us to doubt ourselves and our ability to be as good as we once were and this can affect one’s confidence.

So let’s review the top reasons given, as to why we struggle with confidence after having children:

  1. Fear of being hurt – I can relate to this, being older now I certainly don’t bounce like I use to.
  2. Not being as good – Again it’s that pressure to be perfect and not fail or be seen to fail.
  3. Guilt – This I think is a big one for most and we get this from all angles, from feeding choices to going back to work. However, it’s important that mums have some time for our emotional health.

One reason though that I expected to get more votes, was pain following childbirth, this got minimal votes but goes to show how great women are and how resilient we are after such a painful ordeal. However, becoming a mother can change

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Chatsworth horse trials

During May, me and my daughters went to the Dodson & Horrell horse trials in the beautiful grounds of Chatsworth house. This is my second year of attending and this time we went for the final day which included the event rider masters CIC 4*-S4 Cross Country.


We began in the village browsing the variety of shopping on offer with names such as Joules, Noble Outfitters and House of Tweed along with many more. Obviously one cannot attend such an event without buying a few items which at the time

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A New Beginning!

Thanks for joining me! It has taken me some time to update and refresh the blog and put my own stamp on it but finally I have begun.

I don’t have a particular theme that I will be focusing on, so I will be including a little bit of everything along with documenting the process of me and my cob, including both the ups and downs.

There will still be an element of time management and how us mothers manage to juggle everything alongside our horse/s.

I hope you will enjoy the posts and do feel free to contact me and join us on the Facebook group for support Mama Equestrian Worldwide.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Horse Riding After Babies: What No-one Tells You

After my daughter was born I felt like a huge part of me was missing. I really struggled with letting go of who I used to be and embracing my new role as my tiny humans live in slave. I was simultaneously celebrating my new role as a mum, and grieving the loss of who I used to be. Melodramatic? Maybe. But, as a mum, I am sure that you understand how the arrival of a baby can also bring on the arrival of a MAJOR identity crisis. Fast forward 16 months, and I’m now back doing the sport I love. But let me tell y’all now that it is not without its challenges. Learning to ride the first time was a difficult enough, learning to re-ride after having a baby, well that takes the cake. That’s why today I wanted to get a little bit personal and talk about the things that no one tells you about returning to horse riding after babies…

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