The Mama Equestrian and Becks Back in the Saddle.

So, this post has a bit of a twist to it and has been created by ourselves and equestrian blogger Becky Oliver, from Becks back in the Saddle, for a collaboration post. A few weeks back Becky contacted me, asking if our Facebook group members, could be approached to gather their personal experiences of riding, during pregnancy and following childbirth and if we could create a joint post.

Becky got a good response to the post and has included these in her blog (link here), as she is currently writing about her own experiences of being pregnant, whilst riding. In my post, I will be including my personal experiences and tips for riding with children, as I have 3 children myself and I have never ridden whilst being pregnant.

Photo credit: Becky Oliver

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Guest contributor – Jenna Knudsen.

This week we have a guest contributor post by Jenna Knudsen, creator & coach at The S.M.A.R.T. Equestrian . Jenna has designed a daily planner exclusively for equestrians and is here to tell us a little more about the planner and herself.

Jenna Knudsen

Can I please get three cheers for all of us Equestrian Moms! Seriously, a woot, woot is deserved and if no one has told you lately, let me say, “You are amazing!” 

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8 Horse Podcasts You Have to Download Today

Podcasts seem to be all the rage these days and are the new form of books! One of my favourite PB (pre-children) activities used to be reading anything and everything horse related from books to blogs, but adult life is BUSY y’all. Being an adult with children, well just forget about it. I may as well burn my books, magazines and computer. Because between work, my side hustles, study commitments and raising my children I don’t have time for much else. Heck, I just manage to squeeze in a weekly riding! But, because I’m a mama I’m resourceful and a super multi-tasker… and thanks to those newfound skills, and some accidental googling I stumbled across something that lets me get that horse-related info fix AND doesn’t really require me to take any time out of my day. SAY WHAT?! The secret …. horse podcasts.

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