2020 look back

This is the last post of 2020 so I take a look back at a year that I want to forget but also remember the many firsts that I and Fred have achieved! This year has been one like none before, with lockdowns, masks, tiers, social distancing, and bubbles all being new concepts to learn and adapt to! 

When the pandemic first struck and a national lockdown was introduced riding was halted, mainly due to fears of putting added strain on our NHS if a fall should occur. We moved yards around a month into the lockdown and the horses were allowed to settle into their new environment. Gradually riding was slowly restarted in the field and it was great to get back on, I do get a bit down when I don’t manage to ride for a while.  

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Book review of Charlie Mackesy!

I first came across the work of Charlie Mackesy on Facebook when I saw a lovely simple drawing of a boy and a horse along with a motivational quote. From there I started to follow him and see more of his work. Last month Charlie released his first book full of lovely uplifting quotes and simple yet beautiful illustrations and treated myself to a copy.

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