Equestrian Bloggers list for 2020.

Here is my 2020 list of Equestrian bloggers who I follow and enjoy reading, some I have followed for a while, whilst others are fairly new. I hope you enjoy reading through my list and possibly find some new and interesting bloggers to follow. If you follow someone who you think I would like to know about, then please leave me a comment below!

No 1. In due horse Written by Louise Dando, Louise lives in France and blogs about all types of equestrian life, from riding, to events, fashion and travel. She also has an In due horse book club group on Facebook and is one of 3 bloggers who co-host a podcast called Equestrian pulse.


No 2. Timid Rider is also a co-host of Equestrian Pulse podcast and the blog is written by the lovely Heather Wallace. Heather has written a few books: Confessions of a Timid Rider, Equestrian Handbook of Excuses and most recently Girl Forward. Heather is a returning adult rider and mother and blogs about confidence issues in the saddle.

No 3. The Sand Arena Ballerina is our 3rd blogger and another co-host of the Equestrian Pulse podcast. Andrea Parker loves horses and is a dressage rider working towards Grand Prix, she was a finalist in the 2019 Equestrian Blogger/Vlogger of the year award.

No 4. Coco – The Big Irish Grey This blogger has a Facebook page, where she shares her adventures of riding through a visual blog, with lots of photos. Written by Caroline a disabled rider, who says her horse is her wings to freedom!

No 5. Galloping Dinnerplates This next blogger I know on a more personal level and I have recently started to follow her adventures, as a para rider, who competes in endurance rides in the UK.

No 6. Diary of A Wimpy Eventer has many followers in her adventures, as an eventer struggling with confidence. Victoria has written a trilogy of books about her Wimpy adventures along with producing Brave clothing. Victoria has recently had a huge life event by having a baby and becoming a fellow mama equestrian!

No 7. Blog of a bargain cob This next blog is written through the eyes of Pepper a 20yr old cob, who refers to his owner as the human. Pepper is not always impressed with his humans ideas and tells us all about it in his amusing blog posts!

No 8. Life between grey ears This final blogger also writes about confidence and dressage. She owns 3 horses and 2 dogs and her newest addition is a 6yr old Irish draught who she hopes to do a bit of everything with whilst rebuilding her confidence.

So, there you have 8 of the Equestrian Blogs I follow, there are many more but I simply couldn’t include them all. I hope you find your next favourite blog to follow and remember to let me know about your favourite blogs to follow!


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