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This week I am excited to share with you a post created by Tracey from the lovely Savvy’s Yard. Tracey is here to tell us about her own experiences of riding during pregnancy, along with sharing with us her new equine business and blog. Read one to find out more about Tracey her family and horses.

Savvy's Yard post

If anything is going tell you to stop riding while pregnant, falling off will do it!.

My name is Tracey and this is my story of running a new equine business, riding a horse and becoming a mother. Together with my husband Adam, we run our business Savvy’s Yard from our country cottage in Somerset, UK. Named after my horse Savvy, Savvy’s Yard is our online shop and social media blog. The tagline is “Inspired by horse and country living” which from our background of horses, farms, cottage renovation and living in the country it fits really well. Not only do we source our gorgeous collections we also make some of the items too. We are fortunate enough to have space at home, adjoining Savvy’s stable is our workshop where some of our items are made. The result is a fascinating collection of unique homeware and lifestyle accessories inspired by horse and country living. 

Our collection includes a selection of Horse gifts, such as our “Savvy” the doorstop, a faux leather doorstop that looks like our very own Savvy. We also have a beautiful collection of horse jewellery, which includes our stunning horse hair collection. The country homeware collection has been inspired by our efforts restoring our very own cottage, creating and sourcing items we want and have in our very own home. Such as our Vintage kitchen roll holder, hand made by us in the workshop next to Savvy’s stable.

Savvy's Yard

Faux leather doorstop

Savvy's Yard

Horse Jeweller











Savvy's Yard

Vintage kitchen roll holder

Alongside our shop we also blog through our website and social media, writing about our life in the country. We write mostly about Savvy, a cheeky young handful of a mare and share pictures of what she has been doing from British eventing to our ride outs from home. We have also been joined recently by our gorgeous baby girl called Daisy. She has become yard favourite by our followers and they love hearing about her. Leading up to the birth one question I was always asked during my pregnancy was at what point do you stop riding? 


Savvy's Yard

Photo Credit: Savvy’s yard

I guess everyone is different to when they are ready. For Me? If anything is going tell you to stop riding while pregnant, falling off will do it! I was mid-term at 20 weeks while having the usual hack out through one of the local bridle paths when I fell. I always thought I’d be riding until a few weeks before I popped, thinking the longer I can sustain my strength and be active the easier the birth will be. Savvy is a young mare and would spook at her own shadow. The path we were riding is around a mile from home and follows along a ditch. While we were having a trot, a duck decided to leap from the water flapping through the tree’s making a startled Savvy dance and buck. Luckily the ground was soft and my experience told me to fall rather than try and ride it out like a rodeo. As I had convinced myself I would never fall off during a hack, especially while pregnant, the shock of falling hurt my pride rather than me. I knew I and the growing baby would be fine but I couldn’t take the chance again. We walked back through the bridle path back to the road, I got back onboard Savvy and rode home. I’m a firm believer if you fall off when riding you get straight back on no matter what but I knew this was my last ride pre-natal.

Savvy's Yard

Photo Credit: Savvy’s Yard

I missed riding so much during the later stage of my pregnancy, that I thought before I gave birth that I would be back in the saddle as soon as possible. However, from the moment Daisy arrived my whole world changed, I changed and my priorities changed. Although I wanted to ride, I didn’t feel the drive to ride like I did riding 5 times a week. Savvy can be a challenging horse as mare’s can be. She was sent to my father’s farm during the late end of my pregnancy to go on holiday out in the fields. She’s the type of horse who needs to be doing something and worked to be a calm horse, so I knew she wasn’t going to be easy to get back on board. It was 5 months post-partum before I finally had the courage and time to saddle up. I imagined she was going to be excited beyond belief, bucking and kicking her way around the arena however she was very calm and sympathetic for me and has been amazing since getting back on her. It’s almost as if she knows that I’ve changed. 

Savvy's Yard

Photo Credit: Savvy’s Yard

We are looking forward to the future with Savvy’s Yard despite the current pandemic outbreak. We look forward to the challenges our business will face and our adventures with Savvy. Of course watching Daisy grow, teaching her to ride and encouraging her love of horses and all things country.

To see more of Savvy’s Yard check out their website here and their social media accounts on both Facebook and Instagram.



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