Book review of Charlie Mackesy!

I first came across the work of Charlie Mackesy on Facebook when I saw a lovely simple drawing of a boy and a horse along with a motivational quote. From there I started to follow him and see more of his work. Last month Charlie released his first book full of lovely uplifting quotes and simple yet beautiful illustrations and treated myself to a copy.

Although this is a quick read, it is certainly one that can be read time and time again and will be a great addition to any bookshelf. It is a delightful book about friendship and is ideal to read as a pick me up due to the inspirational and motivating quotes which look for the best in people and situations.

I was first drawn to the original illustration above as this reminded me of how far I and my horse have come in our journey but also of what we have left to do and how far we can go. However, not forgetting how much we have dome so far and what it has taken to get there.

This book is a true keepsake for all ages and I would recommend that everyone has a look at Charlie’s artwork and even consider buying his book either as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special. He is even due to soon release his artwork to purchase.

Do let me know if you have read the book or if you also like the work of Charlie and how it makes you feel.

** Just a reminder that this post has links to amazon affiliate, no cost to yourself if you click through to the link but if a purchase is made then I will receive a small amount of commission**


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