Guest Blogger Interviews – No 4. In Due Horse

This months guest blogger interview is from Louise Dando at In Due Horse. Louise is one of my all-time favourite bloggers and I have been reading her blogs way back before I got into blogging myself. Sorry, I’m a little late with this months posts, however, I am sure you will all agree that Louise’s interview was worth waiting for! So without any further talk from me, I will hand over to Louise so that you can all find out a little more about her and her brilliant blog:

In Due Horse

1. How did you first get into blogging and what inspired you to start your blog?

I started my blog In Due Horse in 2018. I had moved to France from the UK in 2017 and found I had far more free time than before as I was only working part-time. I started part loaning Mya, from a friend of a friend in May 2018 and I hadn’t ridden much at all for the previous few years. I used my blog as a way of getting back into horses. I started doing things like going on a beach ride, visiting studs and going places that I would never would have done if it wasn’t for my blog. It’s weird I needed the blog to do these things but it really got me back into horses and relighted my passion!

In due horse

Photo Credit: EZH_Photos

2. What was your most successful post? Why do you think it was appealing?

It’s funny, as when I started I thought I would know which posts would be popular and which ones wouldn’t but I was wrong! My most popular posts are my celebrity lists for sure! It really surprised me! As I just started doing those for fun and as something to differentiate my blog from the other horse blogs and they are really where I get all my traffic from! I think people like easy reading magazine type blogs and I do try to make them interesting so I think people may be genuinely interested too.  My recent ‘Equestrian Lives in Lockdown’ posts have been very popular too as we are going through the Corona Virus pandemic together.

3. Tell me about your proudest horsey achievement?

Ohh this is hard! In regards to riding recently it has to be that I am competing on Mya in online dressage now. In February before the lockdown we actually did a BE 100 test and scored 62% although this may not be amazing for some, for someone that always hated dressage and just jumped this is a big achievement!
In regards to blogging, I have managed to write articles for In The Country magazine, Savvyhorsewoman, Equine Info exchange and Equine Adventuresses, which I am really proud of.

4. How do you motivate yourself to keep the blog up and running? How much
time do you spend blogging?

I am normally pretty consistent with the blog and really enjoy doing it. To make it easier I have tried to plan my content more in advance and stick to a theme each month so I don’t just sit there on a Sunday when I come to write a post and have to pluck it out of nowhere! (which I admit I used to do) I have also incorporated guest bloggers onto the blog once a month, which is awesome as they often bring an expert view on something that I don’t have and it means a little less work for me!
Normally I only spend a couple of hours a week writing a blog, I find I spend far more time on Instagram actually than blogging. The blogging for me is the quick part, its the scheduling on Facebook and Pinterest and posting on Instagram that takes me so long as I get distracted so easily!

5. What do you find the most frustrating aspect of blogging?

To be honest I didn’t realise how much work I would have to put into my blog to get anyone to read it! It takes a lot to get your blog out there, hours of time on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram to get a decent following in a hope some of them will read your blogs. I can write something that is really meaningful to me and it just doesn’t get read. I didn’t realise how much I would have to learn to have a successful blog.
My other frustration is it does seem to be a bit of a numbers game. For people to want to collaborate with you or brands to work with you etc you need to have a big following. For people starting out its really hard work to build an audience and takes so long!

6. What advice would you give to fellow bloggers? Are there any strategies
you would recommend?

My advice would be to stay original. I have noticed that a lot of people write about very similar things, try and stand out and be unique! Be you!
Don’t worry too much about your numbers, they will improve just keep at it and keep writing things that you enjoy don’t change just for other people or it won’t be fun anymore!
The strategies I would recommend would be to use Pinterest for your traffic and in particular use, Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest pins. It’s literally where I get all my traffic from. My Instagram is growing well, but I still get way way more traffic to the blog from Pinterest. I’m actually an affiliate for Tailwind so if you want to sign up – message me I can tell you all about it!

In due horse

7. Do you have any plans/goals for the future?

My plans for the future of In Due Horse is to just continue doing what I’m doing! I’ve just become a brand ambassador for Vivendi Apparel which is the first brand that I have collaborated with properly which is very exciting.
I have had my writing published on a few websites and magazines, which is really exciting and I hope to continue growing on that.
I am actually moving my blog to be self-hosted as the WordPress hosted website just isn’t doing what I want it to do, so that will be a step forward for the website.
The numbers I have now of views are increasing, which is amazing so I am thinking of starting to put adverts on the website to see if I can make some pocket money from the blog.

Thanks for thinking of me Leah!

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